Furitek Bluetooth Module for MOMENTUM/LIZARD Esc and Main Boards

SKU: FUR-2023
  • Brand: Furitek
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This high quality and fast Bluetooth module is suitable for all FURITEK esc and main boards.

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This high quality and fast Bluetooth module is suitable for all FURITEK esc and main boards.

Customer Reviews

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Phillip Jensen
Fast updating

It is nice to be able to edit the speed controller from the phone. The throttle resolution, an exponential that can be added. via the app makes it really nice to use, the speech controller.

James Martel

The Bluetooth is great, but I got the whole lizard pro combo and the metal gear I was given doesn’t mesh with anything……

Debbie Alexanderguy
Terrible Computer

Ordered a couple wrong parts and company would not exchange them or allow a return.

matt Underwood
Matt U 1/24 deadbolt

Simply put its amazing electronics. My local rc shop Fast Tracks in rocklin,ca ordered it for me. they ordered everything separately in hopes to get the system sooner to me. However, they didn't order the Bluetooth chip, so after I installed it I wasn't able to make any adjustments.. I went on furi tek website and ordered it. The total bummer was the Bluetooth was 19 bucks and the shipping was also 19 bucks. So I had to pay double. Once I received the Bluetooth attachment I was able to set everything up and make all the crazy amount of adjustments the system has to offer.. I've showed friends and coworkers what it can do and they are blowin away and are going to order it for there rigs!! After everything was dailed I checked out more things on furi tek web sites and seen the dual light combo. I went to order it, but it was another 20 chucks for shipping so I decided to wait until that ridiculous charge goes down.. thanks for the quality and reasonable pricing of the product to transition my rig to brushless!!

Thorsten Herwig
Very well made

The components work perfect.
Lots of nice features build in.
Very smooth and lots of control
Only thing why does the Bluetooth needs location services on