Furitek ODYSSEY Power System for 1/24 1/28 Race/Drift

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  • Brand: Furitek
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Customer Reviews

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Domeinco Gallo
RC awesomeness

I have crawlers & drift product from Furitek and all Awesome Products with amazing options

Martin Lemes
Furitek is the new thing in ESC

The Furitek Odyssey is really excellent, I am lucky to have tried many escs and motors for 1/28 scale and this one exceeded my expectations, I congratulate you for the power of the Furitek motors and the soft Bluetooth is excellent for the best set-up and analysis of the performance of our car

Christopher Kennedy
Very good motor/esc set. One issue though

I'm very impressed by this motor esc combo. I only have one criticism, and it's not a deal breaker. Any way on future esc's the button could be made to be accessible without a tool? I would really like to be able to set the user button to on/off and be able to push it without the use of a tool. With this change you would take the esc from great to amazing at least that's my expirience.