Combo FURITEK MOMENTUM 20A/40A Brushless Sensorless ESC and Bluetooth for Drift/Race

SKU: FUK-2021
  • Brand: Furitek
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Features:- Support brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is brushless)- Designed for Micro Car 1/24, 1/27, 1/28 2WD or AWD or RWD- 5.5V-1.5A Built-in BEC- Mini size and light weight- Super easy programming via App on Android and IOS- Firmware update available (bluetooth module required)- Real-time...

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- Support brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is brushless)
- Designed for Micro Car 1/24, 1/27, 1/28 2WD or AWD or RWD
- 5.5V-1.5A Built-in BEC
- Mini size and light weight
- Super easy programming via App on Android and IOS
- Firmware update available (bluetooth module required)
- Real-time telemetry up to 10Hz
- 2s liPo battieres with automatic battery type recognition capability
- Professional parameter setup for many race tracks
- 3 running modes suitable for different types of RC cars

- Dimension (mm): 24(L)x12.4(W)
- Weight: about 2.1g
- Battery types: LIPO ONLY 
- Motor type: Sensorless Brushless DC / Brushed DC
- BEC output: 5.5V/1.5A
- Constant Current : 20A
- Burst Current : 40A
- Waterproof: NO

Customer Reviews

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Eric I.
Keine Antwort und langsamer Versand

The ESC will probably be good.
However, I placed my order on February 26th.
On March 5th I wrote an email and asked for the shipping date. It should be on March 8th. The answer came the same day.
When the package still hadn't been shipped on March 8th, I wrote an email asking them to cancel the order.
Since I didn't get an answer, I repeated this email again the following day.
I didn't get an answer to that either.
The package was then passed on to UPS on 03/10.

Das ESC wird wahrscheinlich gut sein.
Allerdings habe ich am 26.02 bestellt.
Am 5.3 habe ich eine Mail geschrieben und nach dem Versandtermin gefragt. Der sollte am 8.3 sein. Die Antwort kam noch am selben Tag.
Als am 8.3 das Paket immer noch nicht Versand war, schrieb ich einen Mail mit der Bitte die Bestellung zu stornieren.
Da ich keine Antwort bekam, wiederholte ich diese Mail am folgenden Tag nochmals.
Auch hierauf bekam ich keine Antwort.
Das Paket wurde dann am 10.03 an UPS weitergegeben.

Lennard Holgado

i havent received my order yet

Sean Schroer
I love it, I want more!!!

This is the coolest thing on my little race car. Makes it so much more controllable. Awesome product!!!!

Bruce Tjandra

My last review was for Lizard esc, my apologies 🙏

Bruce Tjandra
Start up glitch

First time it starts was good and lights on rx instantly on solid colour.
Now it blinks like not getting full power and during servo loaded, it sometimes lost power and glitches then it turn back on again.